Drummers' Page

Here we will post all the relevant information for our drum corps.

Elementary Drumming Skills as per RSPBA This booklet is issued by the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (RSPBA) and describes the basic skills required for drumming. Useful read for all musicians!! 12.8 MB
Atholl & Breadalbane Gathering & Willie Ross 1st two tunes of the competition set.
But in 2019 we are playing them in reverse order and there is no anacruthis so straight from the E to the doubling on the F in Willie Ross then play through and into A&B Gathering.
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Jennys Bawbee & Earl of Mansfield Tunes 3 & 4 of competition set for 2019
Tune 3 is Jennys Bawbee followed by Earl of Mansfield
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basic3-4.mp4 647 KB
basic4-4.mp4 463 KB
basic6-8.mp4 476 KB
swpds-drum-scores-competition-set. Veuillez noter l'ordre des morceux a changé our 2019. L'ordre est le suivant:-
1.PM W Ross Farewell to Scots Gds
2. The Atholl & Breadalbane Gathering
3. Jenny’s Bawbee au lieu de Teribus
4. The Earl of Mansfield
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