Worlds Programne Updated

16-8-2019 Practice For the Worlds Friday 8-10Hrs 

16-8-2019 RSPBA March from Blythswood Square to George Square and play in the Square 10:30-13Hrs  

16-8-2019 Additional Band Practice - Kelvingrove Park 15:30-16:30Hrs. TBC 

16-8-2019 Band Dinner - India Quay Restaurant 19-21Hrs 

17-8-2019 Participations at The Worlds - Glasgow Green - 8-19Hrs 

All musicians who signed up on the Doodle will receive €300 towards their travel costs - unless another arrangement has been made. This will be paid via PayPal on Glasgow Green - so if you’d like the €s please let me have your PayPal email address. 

If you need a kilt &/or waistcoat please order it from giving Scotch Watch Worlds as a reference to be picked up from 

41 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK 

G2 1HW 

Tel: 0141 280 7791 


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